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Diego Maradona's Picturesque Armchairs To Be Auctioned Off

Diego Maradona’s Picturesque Armchairs To Be Auctioned Off

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In a master marketing move, the ‘Lobo’ platense assured that in each game there will be a different chair and it will be auctioned after each game. In turn, whoever wants a replica of it can acquire it from the club.

Diego Armando Maradona is synonymous with Argentine football. Idol of all the ‘albicelestes’ and undisputed referent of the national sport, currently delights the fans of Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata with its irruption as DT of the ‘Wolf’.

However, the management committee of the club not only sees in Diego the necessary capacity to save the team from the descent: it also visualized a beta marketing move that gives revenue to the economic coffers of the institution.

In fact, in the last hours a chair that used the ‘Ten’ in the tie against Vélez became known. Before starting the game, Maradona signed it. And then the motive was known: it will be auctioned, just like all the chairs that will be used here at the end of the tournament.

Date to date, each chair will be signed by Diego and auctioned among his followers. In turn, those who want to buy a replica of it can approach the club facilities to buy it. A wonderful play by the Silver Wolf.


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