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Atlético 1X1: João Félix Was Not Enough From The Bench

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The entrance of the Portuguese changed the face of the game, but it did not help. A shot that went wide touched Savic and ended up becoming the final goal.

This was the performance of the Atlético de Madrid players in the defeat against Leipzig (2-1) that eliminated them from the Champions League quarter-finals.

Oblak:  Leipzig combined at will and Dani Olmo finished point-blank to overtake the Germans without the Slovenian being able to do anything. In the second she touched Savic and completely deflected the shot. Despite the good start of Nagelsmann’s men and their constant arrivals to the front, he could not intervene throughout the game, because the only two dangerous shots ended in goal. 

Trippier: A lot more things happened for the other band. In attack appeared shortly after the half change, with the team overturned by the side of Lodi and Carrasco. When he arrived he centered badly, perhaps hastily. In defense he did not want to complicate, attentive to coverage and clearing for a corner whenever there were doubts. Angeliño beat him back in the play that led to Leipzig’s second goal. Bad day for the English whose campaign has gone from more to less. 

Savic: Very serious, he was very attentive in all Leipzig’s attacking actions, but he was unlucky enough to be decisive in the final goal, deflecting a shot that went wide. He literally cracked his head open, valiantly going for a ball and taking a very hard hit from Halstenberg, who also suffered damage. In the second half he played with many more meters behind him, but he was still a rock. Very good when he got out of position, always forceful. 

Giménez: He  started as the most connected player on the team, very active in repelling the attempts of Leipzig. Spectacular in the air game, he was close to finishing off a header after winning the jump with solvency. He imposed character and seriousness behind, but it was not enough.

Lodi:  Great rise up the wing to generate the first rojiblanca danger play. He doubled Carrasco and slipped it back very smartly for the Belgian’s shot. It had started with some doubt in defense, with Leizpig searching the sides insistently. Thus the first goal of the Germans was forged. In charge of putting the ball stopped in far side fouls from his side, he managed to find his teammates several times, although without the goal award. 

Saúl:  He asked for a penalty after a contact with Gulacsi that, foolishly, tripped him. Important for the team to take a step forward after the bad start of the game. In an intelligent way, he moved in attack practically to the left side to take the play from behind. In the second half he could not appear near the rival area, where he is more dangerous. 

Herrera: He was not seen in the entire first half when the ball was released. Without Thomas, the Mexican had the opportunity in the eleven, but it was not good. Lost many times in defense, he suffered a lot with Leipzig’s fast play. He left replaced at 58 minutes after a very gray encounter. 

Koke: The captain is essential to give Atlético rhythm and he couldn’t do it throughout the game. He appeared little between the lines, starting from a right wing where he is more uncomfortable and tried to enter more through the middle. With the departure of Herrera, he began to play double pivot, touching more ball but without achieving that fluidity to break lines. Like Saúl, they are asked for more in these games.

Carrasco: Had the first for Atlético after a great combination with Lodi on the wing and a powerful shot that Gulacsi repelled. The rojiblanco team could not get out of their area and the Belgian put the responsibility on his back to stretch the attack and give it a pause before the strong start of Leipzig. Unbalancing, always looking to face, he was the player who changed the face of the team in the attack zone in the first half. It was losing steam, but it was still a highlight. 

Llorente: First part very weak for what the team had gotten used to after the break. Reference up with Costa, he could not appear with the ball or run into space, very limited by the line of three rival centrals who had the clear letter of not leaving spaces. With the departure of Herrera he moved to the right wing and there he began to come into play more and to begin to impose his power in the race. 

Diego Costa: A very  complicated task on his back with Upamecano, a physically monster. He struggled but practically always came out the loser with the French. He tried to get the team out, ending up frustrated on many plays by ineffective pressure, very solo and outnumbered. Just before leaving the game at 73 minutes he left his best touch of the game, a wall with João Félix to return it very well to the Portuguese and cause the penalty that meant the tie. Very far from that coast that overwhelmed the rivals. 

Atlético Play By Play: João Félix Was Not Enough From The Bench

João, revolution from the bench 

João Félix: He entered through Herrera and soon his presence began to be noticed, appearing a lot on the left wing exchanging his position with Carrasco and seeking to combine with the Belgian, the most active in the attack. He threw three pipes, began to play between the lines and the penalty was made that he converted himself. 

Morata: He entered through Costa to have a drink upstairs. She tried to play on her back, but couldn’t find her teammates on the last touch. She had the last one with a good maneuver in the area, but her dribbling attempt did not come to fruition. In their dispute to be the starting striker with Costa, Atlético has lost, because neither has been fine. 

Atlético Play By Play: João Félix Was Not Enough From The Bench

Felipe: Last change for Koke to look for some air. He could barely comb a spherical.


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