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22-Year-Old Pushes Elderly Landlord Down the Stairs Leading to His Death

An elderly man died for claiming his own and fairness.

And it is that the misfortune happened when Edgar Moncayo, 71 years old and originally from Ecuador, came to charge the back rent to Alex Garces.

The house is located in the neighborhood of Queens, New York, and, according to police reports, the debt was $200.

In a broadcast video you can see when Moncayo knocks on the door and tries to enter, but the tenant pushes him with such force that he loses his balance and sticks on his head against the banquet, a situation that caused his death due to trauma cerebral.

His grandson told the Daily News that the person in charge had barely lived in the apartment for two months that Edgar had leased out to him.

In addition, seeing that he had financial problems cut his income in half, from $400 to $200, in order to help him.

Although Alex’s family points out that it was an accident, the images show how he struggles with the landlord, so the 22-year-old was arrested and faces a charge for involuntary manslaughter.

Watch the terribly sad footage below:



Source:  Excelsior

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