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A Bear Cub Suffers a Traffic Accident and his Family Lives to Rescue him

Lisha Deshay was driving her car down a road in Immokalee, in the US state of Florida, when several bears were found on the road.

The woman was initially scared by the presence of these large animals on the road, but later she realized the situation: a cub was injured and her family tried to keep him from danger.

The driver did not think about it, took out her phone and began to record the heartbreaking scene in which two adult bears try to remove the bear cub from the road by all means.

The cub tries to get up on his own foot, but the accident he had suffered previously does not allow it and it has to be his family who risks his life to save him.

After a few seconds that become eternal, the animals manage to drag the cub first to the gutter, and then to the brush, out of the drivers’ field of vision. But what seemed like a happy ending to a dramatic situation, unfortunately ended in a very different way.

The drivers called emergency services warning of the dangerous situation and the Florida Department of Fisheries and Wildlife came to the scene.

The emergency services found the cub and certified that he had suffered a traffic accident in which he received a tremendous impact that caused fatal injuries.

The officials were able to find the body of the bear cub, but now lifeless, while his family was still in the vicinity. No one could do anything to save him, even though the animals risked his life to save the puppy’s.

Lisha, the woman who recorded the video, has recognized LadBible that the images knocked her out: “It was heartbreaking to see that scene, it left me KO. I look like a bear mom. I have a baby, so see a baby on the road, whether it’s a bear or a human, he knocked me out, it’s very sad. People should be vigilant and drive carefully at night.”

The images have become viral on social networks.


Source: Elconfidencial


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