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A Bee Invasion Delays a Soccer Game in Brazil by 19 Minutes. [VIDEO]

Firefighters unsuccessfully used a fire extinguisher and a pressurized water hose. Finally, they drove them away with chemicals.

A football match started 19 minutes late in the state of Castelão, in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. The cause? A swarm of bees invaded the pennant of a corner of the pitch where a match between Fortaleza and Internacional de Porto Alegre was to be played.

The firemen used a fire extinguisher, but it was in vain. When they thought they had been chased away, the bees reappeared. Shortly afterwards, they came back with a hose with pressurized water and it didn’t work either. Even a member of one of the technical teams was injured.

After the frustrated attempts, finally a man, with his face protected with a mask, poured a chemical on the pennant. Problem solved.

When the match started, the anecdote of the bees was already circulating on social networks. Some Internet users joked that the insects were protesting the relaxation of the use of agrotoxics by the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

Watch the you tube viral video here:


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