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A Book that Reveals New Data on the Death of Emiliano Sala Came to Light

A few days after the first anniversary of his death, a book edited by journalist Harry Harris details new nuances of the unfortunate event in which the Argentine striker lost his life.

There are few days left until it is January 21. And on that day, the first anniversary of the fateful death of Emiliano Sala will be celebrated.

The Argentine attacker who was on his way to Cardiff to start his way in the Premier League suffered a plane crash that ended his life.

And shortly after reaching the year of this unfortunate episode, a book edited by journalist Harry Harris, called “The Murder of Emiliano Sala” came to light.

It reveals new details of the death of this attacker who was found underwater and among the remains of the plane.

“Reports in France suggest that David Henderson, an experienced pilot York which was originally to take the controls of the doomed flight, he approached his friend David Ibbotson and asked, ‘Do you want a weekend in Nantes?’.

“He then paid Ibbotson to stay in a hotel in France and to fly the flight,” said Harris, holding the initially designated pilot responsible.”

“Why did David Henderson, such a respected and experienced pilot, hand over controls to a man (Ibbotson) with a reputation for being indebted, a part-time pilot at best and who did not have a license for the commercial flight I desperately needed to make ends meet?”

“Why has Henderson flatly refused to cooperate with Cardiff when the club wrote directly to him, as well as his lawyers, asking for help to unravel certain facts of which only he knows the answer?”

“How is it that if David Ibbotson had an outstanding ability, he was like a paratrooper? And why was the pilot not on the plane when the rescue operation with private funds discovered Sala’s body?”

“Could the pilot be ejected before he plummeted? If the pilot survived, where is he? If he did not, where is his body?”

The book’s editor asked himself, revealing many unknowns that have not yet been resolved.

Source: 90min

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