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A Father and Daughter Kidnapped a Woman, Raped her and Let her Die in the Desert

On October 30, an event took place in Las Vegas that shocked the networks that came to light this week. Stanley Lawton, 54, and Shankiya Poche-Lawton , 22, father and daughter, have been arrested after they kidnapped a woman in Las Vegas using force.

The victim, in her forties, was held hostage in a room for a week in Palmdale, California, and forced to repeatedly withdraw money at different ATMs. The victim was also raped, to later leave her in the Californian desert of Mojave, with the intention of letting her die.

However, the plan did not go as they had thought since the woman would survive after the military police of the Edwards Air Force Base, who was on a routine patrol, found her in a state of hypothermia and disoriented, without Remember how long he had been in the desert.

The victim had to be admitted to the emergency hospital, although she is already recovering, as reported by CNN.

“She is very lucky to be alive,” said Eddie Hernandez, of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, who also added that the victim knew the defendants, “although there are still many things to clarify,” he concluded.

The FBI has already taken over the investigation of this terrible case. As for the aggressors, both have been arrested, the father last Wednesday and his daughter, a day later, Thursday.

The two alleged culprits are charged with up to seven crimes, including those of kidnapping, attempted murder, rape and theft. Investigators will now wait for the victim to finish recovering so he can help resolve what happened.




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