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A Flamengo Fan Sells his Ticket to the Semifinal of the Cup to Cure his Dog’s Cancer

The semifinals of the Copa Libertadores are coming and the fans of the teams that continue to participate dream of being able to reach the final, which will be played on November 23 in Santiago, Chile.

Flamengo will seek to make history, return to play a final and his fans will fill the Maracana in the rematch against Gremio (in the first leg tied 1-1).

Although the locations will be sold out, there will be a fan who can not be and his story went viral.

Danilo Mello is 32 years old and decided to sell his ticket to get money. The reason? His dog Doze was diagnosed with cancer and he needs the money to pay for the expensive treatment.

“We received bad news this week: Doze has cancer. It is not operable, we need to start the treatment with radio and chemotherapy, so that you have the opportunity to improve, the cost is high, approximately 7,000 reais. So we decided to try to get help, I am raffling off my game ticket for the Libertadores semifinal game,” the owner wrote on his Instagram account.

What was the way to raise? A raffle to get around the entrance and the success it had was incredible.

He has raised more than 19 thousand reais (almost triple what he needed) and now there will be a lucky person who will win his entry. The draw will be held on October 18.


Source: 90min

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