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A Historical Museum in Moscow Joins the #TetrisChallenge with a Battle Car, Tankers and Equipment

The ‘flashmob#TetrisChallenge, which went viral on the Web, has arrived at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War of Moscow (Russia).

The image of how the staff of that historical institution faces the ‘tetris challenge‘ has appeared on his Instagram account.

The authors of the photographic installation focused their work on the legendary Soviet tank T-34.

Photographed from above, the battle car has two Soviet tankers at its side, aligned in a certain geometric order, a radio station, helmets, a pair of grenades, ammunition and assault rifles, a campaign cloth, a lamp kerosene, a backpack, a medical bag and a replica of the flag that flew over the Reichstag.

In the subtitle, the museum invites other facilities, such as the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, to join the ‘flashmob‘.

Participating in this viral action, representatives of various professions are photographed lying on the floor next to symmetrically aligned objects that they use on a daily basis in their work.


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Музей Победы первым из музеев присоединился к акции #tetrischallenge! ⠀ Наши экскурсоводы выбрали объектом челленджа танк Т-34. ⠀ Среди экспонатов: ⠀ ⭐️танковая рация, ⭐️шлемофоны, ⭐️диск к танковому пулемету, ⭐️Знамя Победы, ⭐️гранаты ⠀ и многое другое. ⠀ А какие экспонаты видите на фотографии вы? ⠀ p.s. Приглашаем @hermitage_museum, @tretyakov_gallery, @mosmuseum, @kulpole и другие музеи присоединиться! ⠀ #МузейПобеды #ТетрисЧеллендж

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