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A Reporter Reports the Weather with Facebook Filters Activated by Mistake

More and more media are broadcasting their news through streaming video platforms such as Facebook Live. Among them we can find some like the American television channel WLOS.

An ABC-affiliated channel, based in Asheville, which is licensed to broadcast in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

For several months now, the television channel informs its half million followers and followers about all kinds of local news through its Facebook account. From the latest police actions or information related to the stock market to the bailouts that have taken place in the town.

All this through direct mail, through which the reporters of the American channel offer a last minute content.

One of them is the reporter Justin Hinton who, just a few days ago, reported on the first major snowfall in the region.

Since Asheville is a region where, as a general rule, there is no heavy snowfall, the reporter decided to start a live on Facebook Live to warn drivers about the state of the roads.

However, when configuring the mobile phone to start the re-transmission, it forgot to deactivate the filters installed in the application.

For that same reason, and while explaining how it had begun to snow in Asheville, his head and face began to be replaced by different effects of augmented reality. From an Olympic medalist to a person who crushes himself in the gym.

As he reported on the snow, the effects changed his face completely randomly. Thanks to this, the reporter went from being an Olympic medalist to wearing a black hat, a space pilot helmet or an effect that turned him into a cat.

Also a person who reported with a flashlight from the absolute darkness, a reporter with bulging eyes, a sorcerer and even a journalist who stood out for a most extravagant mustache.

Several minutes after the end of the live broadcast, and after reading the messages of the followers of the television channel, the reporter discovered that he had left the filters activated. Something that would corroborate immediately, when he consulted the video to see how it looked: “It’s too funny. I want to see the video again to see what he has done with my face.”


Watch the hilarious video below:

Facebook Live blooper

When you're trying to do a serious Facebook Live about the weather and you accidentally tap the Mystery Mask filter. Poor Justin Hinton. 🤣More on this story: http://bit.ly/2PexYkK

Posted by WLOS ABC 13 on Thursday, February 20, 2020



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