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A Stripper Falls From 2 Stories High and Continues to Dance [VIDEO]

An erotic dancer experienced a shocking tragedy on Saturday evening when she fell from almost five meters high during a performance.

The scene took place in a Texas gentleman’s club, where the woman in question had climbed to the top of a strip bar. The fall is estimated at the equivalent of almost two stories.

The woman showed incredible determination, rising almost immediately after her dramatic fall to continue dancing.

Despite the fact that it is usually forbidden to take photos or film in this kind of establishment, someone still filmed the scene and shared it on Twitter.

The video went viral in no time, inspiring several jokes.

The dancer Genea Sky posted a video on her Instagram account, explaining that she was seriously injured during the fall.

Her jaw is broken and she is going to have surgery. Despite everything, she says she considers herself lucky to still be alive.

One of her friends launched a GoFundMe to help pay for his medical expenses. $15,000 has already been raised.



Watch the videos down below:



Source: Lesacdechips

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