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A Wedding Turns Into a Nightmare Because of a Selfie: 4 Dead Including the Bride

A bride and three family members were killed while taking a selfie at a roadblock in India, a local police official said on Monday.

In all, six people gathered at the Pambaru Dam in Tamil Nadu State in southern India to capture the moment.

According to a policeman interviewed by AFP, the victims “were holding hands and posing for selfies when they slipped and fell.” The policeman in question, not being allowed to speak to reporters, told the incident without identifying.

Only the husband survived the tragedy. He did not fall like the others. He was the one holding the camera.

The survivor jumped into the water to save his young wife. In vain. He still managed to save one of the women without being able to save the rest of the group.

Among the victims was a 14-year-old schoolboy.

The Indian Institute of Medical Sciences has registered no less than 259 people dead from a fatal selfie between 2011 and 2017.

As pointed out by AFP, India beats all records of deaths resulting from a self-portrait.

Then come Russia, the United States and Pakistan on top of this tragic record.

The problem preoccupies the country’s authorities to the point where “non-selfies zones” have had to be decreed on certain sites at risk.



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