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A wild Boar Lends a Hand to the Police and Digs up Cocaine Worth $22,000

Hiding cocaine worth $22,000 is not an easy task, and for any drug trafficker it must be very frustrating that his hiding place, made with care in a wooded area, is exposed because of a wild boar.

It is just what happened to three Albanians and an Italian who sold drugs in the Italian areas of Val di Chiana, Crete Senesi (Tuscany) and occasionally South Tyrol.

As it follows from their conversations in the ‘chats’ intercepted by the Police that hit the men because of their proximity to an Albanian killed in 2018, one complained that a wild boar unearthed the hidden cocaine, broke the container and spread the merchandise, spoiling the drug along with the potential income of 20,000 euros, reports La Nazione.

It is not clear if the animal consumed cocaine, but it definitely lent a hand to the local police by preventing the arrival of so much drugs at the nightclubs and nightclubs in the provinces of Siena and Arezzo, where the recent operation took place.



Source: ActualidadRT

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