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Abdelhak Nouri Wakes up from Coma After Three Years

After three years, the young Abdelhak Nouri woke up from the coma he was induced to in 2017. The Ajax footballer passed out after passing out during a preseason game against Werden Bremen for which he was transferred to a hospital after losing consciousness.

Some reports indicate that the 22-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, which caused him to faint on the playing field and later hospitalized in July.

After a week in the hospital, doctors diagnosed severe brain damage, which will prevent him from returning to the field, as he lost the ability to move in his four limbs, as well as the ability to speak.

“Is awake. Eat, sneeze … on a good day you can communicate with eyebrows, smiles …  It still depends on the whole of us. He does not get out of bed, but it is a joy to have him again,” said his brother on a television program, according to half time.

Nouri, of Moroccan origin, was part of the golden generation of Ajax, along with Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt, who stood out last season by taking the team from Amsterdam to the Champions League Semifinals. Now they are part of Barcelona and Juventus, respectively.

Since then, his teammates have been in charge of keeping him present in goal celebrations or championships, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


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