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Actress Details How Sex Sect Recruited More than 2,000 People

Actress Sarah Edmondson gave details in an interview with Refinery29 about how she participated in Nxivm, the sex slave cult, which led group leader Keith Raniere to be arrested and involved other personalities such as Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk.

According to the Canadian, she came to be responsible for recruiting people, which were more than two thousand. Edmonson has written a memoir, Scarred, and initiates it by speaking of the Nxivm initiation ceremony.

“I decided to start there because I think it was the craziest thing that happened to me – lying naked on a table, having someone burn my skin. The goal was to get readers in the right place, and I think to start by explaining that I joined some personal development seminars would be, “But what’s the matter?”

That’s the nature of how a cult catches you – starting out slow and promising to accomplish your goals. If someone had told me in the beginning, ‘Hey, Sarah, we can tag you with the initials of our leaders in your body? ‘I would have said it was crazy.

Sarah had a master/slave relationship with one of the cult’s main members, Lauren Salzman, to whom she had to send nude photos. “I know. If it hadn’t been for me, I’d be saying, ‘What an idiot? Why didn’t she just leave?’ Doctrination is incredibly powerful. If you look at the marking ritual, they convince you that you’re triumphing over their weaknesses. It’s similar to abusive relationships.”

The Canadian explains that she was a woman in her late twenties and still trying to figure out what to do in her life. She was already acting, but not feeling complete, which made her vulnerable. Full of ideals, that’s where it began to be explored by Nxivm.

One of the cult centers in Vancouver has been dubbed 90210 for having many actresses. “The seminars, in the beginning, dealt a lot with what actors deal with, in terms of confidence and feeling validated. I felt like I was doing well for myself, went to more auditions, left my sleeping pills.”

Sarah explains that it all started with basic conversations. In an interview with Refinery29, she asks the journalist what she could do to improve her career to grow bigger. “I could be more organized, promote myself better,” says the interviewer.

“Okay, great. What if I say you can take classes that will help you solve these problems from scratch and how to work your past with them? You could stop being part of tart of the problem and start being part of the solution by paying only $2,500,” says Sarah.

Asked if it’s not too high, she admits, “Absolutely. I was a jobless actress when I paid. I had the money? No. But is it 1000% worth it?”

Sarah goes on to explain how she recruited people. Besides this form of convincing, he had another tactic. She said, “Yeah, so maybe it’s not for you. Maybe things are working out well in your life,” in a form of reverse psychology.

“I have a lot of blame for the people I brought to the service, but if there’s one thing I can be quiet about, I’ve never lied.”

The actress says that Raniere was deified within the cult and, to know him, it was necessary to climb several steps within the cult.

“Some people didn’t know him for two years, but they were worshiping him. I just respected his beliefs. Or what he thought were his beliefs. I think over time he became more and more powerful, and lost his sense of reality. I didn’t know if tagging people was his initial idea. People next to him said he was afraid of getting old. And today we know he had erectile dysfunction. I think these things amplified his need for power.”

Asked about the scar she has from her years in worship, she says she has mixed feelings. Sometimes she curses Keith, but sometimes she thinks, “I’m grateful that I woke up, I’m angry that he thought he would get away with it, I’m disgusted that I was part of it, but I’m proud to get up.”



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