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Aliens or Satanism? They Find Macabre Mutilation in Bulls

ACOMPAÑA CRÓNICA: EEUU MISTERIO. MIA19. TRINIDAD (CO, EEUU), 09/10/2019.- Fotografía cedida por el periodista Chuck Zukowski y tomada en noviembre de 2018 que muestra el cadáver descompuesto de un toro en el rancho Miller, ubicado en Trinidad, Colorado (EE.UU.). Con la lengua, el ano y los testículos extirpados mediante incisiones quirúrgicas y sin rastro de sangre, la misteriosa muerte de toros tiene en alerta a ganaderos y Policía de las zonas rurales del Oregón (EE.UU.), donde se manejan ya teorías sobre cultos satánicos o fenómenos alienígenas. EFE/Chuck Zukowski/SOLO USO EDITORIAL/NO VENTAS

With the tongue , the anus and the testicles removed through surgical incisions and without a trace of blood, the mysterious death of bulls has farmers and police in the rural areas of Oregon (United States), where theories about satanic cults are already handled or alien phenomena.

In recent months, several cowboys have found the remains of five young Hereford purebred bulls in the Malheur National Forest in the state of Oregon in strange circumstances: mutilated, without scavengers or other animals in the vicinity and with “perfect incisions.”

Since then the investigation is in a dead end, assures Efe Major L. White, manager of the Silvies Valley ranch, owner of the cattle.

There were no indications that they had ingested poisonous plants and death due to natural causes or sudden death is something “disposable”, since these are “healthy cattle found in distant places, mutilated, without traces of bites or interaction of wild animals”.

In the pine forest located in a secluded ravine, the first bull was found. The cowboys discovered no signs of gunfire or signs of poisoning.

The next day they found three other dead bulls in similar circumstances in a place located about three kilometers away from where the first mutilated animal appeared.

For Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center of the state of Washington, the most curious thing is that there were no traces around the cattle, which gives more strength to the theory that it is an extraterrestrial phenomenon.

“No person has been arrested either during or after the commission of an act of mutilation of animals of this caliber, of which thousands of cases have been reported in recent years in the United States,” he explains to Efe.

The fact that animal bodies often lack blood is not only strange, but it is “difficult to imagine how such a phenomenon could occur,” he adds.

Similar cases happened in Oregon in the eighties of the last century in the city of Pendleton, when the farmer Terry Anderson found a cow whose breast organ had been removed “without traces or traces of blood.”

Anderson then attributed the death to aliens who kidnapped his cow, mutilated her and threw her back into their land from the air.

And history was repeated in several parts of the country in the previous decade, where thousands of cows and other animals were found dead, mutilated, many without reproductive organs or without part of their face.

Even the FBI took action on the matter, but then the deaths ceased.

In the current case, Oregon ranchers point to the possibility of bulls being mutilated for some type of satanic cult in which they “use their organs” because they are clear that losing five bulls, healthy and of the same age, is “out of any normal activity.”

What is clear about Colby Marshall, owner of the animals, according to the ranch manager, is that the author does not seek to harm him economically, mobile that the authorities have analyzed to know that bulls are worth $7,000 each, because the benefits of Ranch goes far beyond raising cattle since it is also a luxury tourist destination.

The Harney County agent in charge of the case, Dan Jeckins, said they have not yet obtained a reasonable explanation for the event, but described it as “ridiculous” to think that sects or aliens are behind these deaths, much as in cases like this people appear who say they have seen “UFOs” on the day of the event.

But the Oregon Livestock Association (OCA) has made it clear that if they had been coyotes or wolves bites would be noticed in the torn areas, and, according to Jeckins, the incisions were perfect.

After 30 years of research, journalist Chuck Zukowski, who has investigated this phenomenon in ranches across the United States, came to develop the “theory of parallel 37”, a UFO road that runs through the west of the country.

Zukowski believes that the mutilations in Oregon were not caused by people linked to a religious cult as the rancher suggested.

“The local police refused to talk to me, so I do not have all the facts, but, from what I read, it is a classic case with all the characteristics that I have been studying: lack of blood, strange cuts and no evidence of cause of human or predatory death,” says Efe.

“Indeed, it seems to be related to aliens,” says Zukowski.

Now the cowboys of the ranch are armed at work and always do it accompanied by at least one companion, and the OCA offers 1,000 dollars of reward, and the ranch another 25,000, for information that leads to discover who were the authors of the death of the animals, whatever nature they are.



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