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Andrés Guardado Revealed that he Wants to be a Coach

One of the biggest questions for players in most sports is what they will do once their professional career ends. It is known that, compared to other professions, theirs is very short and intense, so knowing what to do when you finish the same thing that may worry most.

Andrés Guardado is experiencing a situation similar to that of retirement. Confined to his home by the coronavirus, the Mexican midfielder has more free time than usual, which causes his head to start thinking about what will come next.

“I am living a trial of what will be my first days of retirement. Although we have to train and take care of ourselves, I felt that I had to do something. So, I started looking to see if someone had online courses, because my intention is that I would like to study as a coach,” Guardado confessed on Fox Sports

The Real Betis player is clear: “If something happens tomorrow, I have to be prepared. One of the ways is to study to stay connected to soccer,” he said.

The calendar marks Andrés turning 34 in September, so it is normal for him to start thinking and preparing for the future. What is certain is that it will not be far from the field.



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