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Find out Which Companies Pay Their Employees for Traveling

Scientific evidence shows that taking longer vacations has a positive effect on employee well-being and productivity, and good vacation policies can help reduce health care costs, decrease turnover rates, increase commitment to the employees and more. The objective of companies that is to combat corporate exhaustion, which was recently classified as a medical diagnosis by the …

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Kik Closes its Popular Messaging Application Due to a Legal Battle

kik messaging app

Kik, the Canadian social media and messaging applications company, is considering closing its popular Kik messaging application. In an article published on September 23, Israeli technology publication CTech Calcalistit cites two anonymous sources in Kik, stating that the Canadian-based company is considering closing its messaging application. A subsequent blog post by Kik …

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Apple Moves its Macbook Pro Production from China to the US

Known are the attempts of the Donald Trump administration to repatriate the production units of the most important American technology firms. These factories, attracted by lower costs and benefits, maintain the manufacture of their equipment in China. One of them is Apple. Trump’s invocation of the company that Tim Cook directs today has been repeated and since the beginning of his Government. Today, …

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Forever 21 on the Verge of Filing Bankruptcy

Low sales and the stagnation of some negotiations to leverage their debts would be pushing the American brand, Forever 21, to declare bankruptcy legally. The youth fashion company has tried to find financing to restructure its business, however, conversations with potential financiers would have stalled, according to different international media reports. Specialists have pointed out that a …

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Trade War: US Companies Move to China

Amid ongoing tensions in the trade war, companies in the United States began moving to China. In the last quarter, the US jewelry Tiffany & Co. He moved some of his most expensive products to his stores in Beijing and Shanghai, where he sold limited quantities of special diamond pendants. It is also updating its three main …

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