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Caeli Returns to YouTube and Raisers her Voice Against Gender Violence

Caeli, one of the most famous YouTubers in Mexico, returned to her channel with a video of strength to those who have experienced rapes, just as she suffered recently.

After the social media controversy against Yao Cabrera, an Argentine YouTuber who Caeli accused of abusing her at a party, the Mexican influencer returned with more force and raised her voice, saying “Enough is enough!” to violence.

I want to continue my life […] and it’s like so much helplessness that I don’t know if it’s good that I keep talking about it […] It’s been nine years that you see me all the way, grow and fall but always get up and that is the main thing that I want to tell you and show, that even something like this that is really the most horrible thing that I have been through in my life can get out,” said Caeli holding back tears.

She also said that he does this for all her followers who told him his story through direct messages. “Sometimes we have to be a little braver but it is where I will be part of them,” she said.

Caeli asked her fans for patience because this moment is of recovery and for now he will make content maybe not so entertaining but he doesn’t want to stop for such a terrible moment in his life.


Source: Los40

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