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Calm Returns to Ecuador

Lenín Moreno signed a new decree that annulled the gasoline; indigenous people suspend protests and unlock streets.

After 12 days of indigenous protests and national mobilizations, Ecuador regained its calm.

Yesterday, the president, Lenín Moreno, signed a new decree that annuls the austerity plan that increased the price of fuels.

In addition, the indigenous people and students who demonstrated gathered the camps and cleaned the streets before returning to their places of origin.

“We are already returning to our territories. We have shown that the union and conviction of the people is a volcano that nobody can stop,” said Inti Killa, an indigenous from the Amazonian province of Napo.

The new decree establishes that a document will be made that defines the fuel policy based on “an integral approach, with criteria of rationalization, targeting and sectorization”.

The decree should provide that the subsidies are not intended for the benefit of people with greater economic resources or smugglers.

“A new decree will be issued to ensure that resources reach those who really need them,” said Lenín Moreno.

According to a ranking prepared by Global Petrol Prices, Ecuador is the third to sell cheaper gasoline in South America, only below Venezuela and Bolivia.

Following the announcement, indigenous leaders said fuel prices and transportation should return to normal as of today, as well as the cost of food and basic products.


Source: Excelsior

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