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Child Performs Dance from the Movie Napoleon Dynamite and Lights up Social Networks [VIDEO]

The movie ‘Napoleon Dynamite‘, released in 2004, fell deeply in the audience, who did not hesitate to recreate the famous dance of the character and publish his magnificent performances on YouTube.

A 9-year-old boy has relived the viral scene at his school’s talent show in the United States, causing a sensation among his class.

His name is Jude Gagner and, like the character of Napoleon, he wore clothes such as space-style shoes, gray pants and the polo shirt that says “Vote for Pedro.”

The dance refers to the scene in which Napoleon dances the song of JamiroquaiCanned Heat” in the middle of the presentation of proposals for the post of president of the elementary school students attended by him and his friends Deb and Pedro, the latter being an exchange student from Mexico who wanted this position as part of his process of adaptability to the new school.

Currently, the original clip of this dance has almost 6 million views on YouTube and little Jude is about to reach half a million views and many other reproductions on other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

As you can see in the video, Jude is accompanied by his mother, Katie, who is heard with a voice silenced in the video giving some words of encouragement on the steps that the child was doing right.

“Jude is a very talented child and loves to make people smile,” said Katie Gagner.


Watch the videos below:


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