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Chinese Travelers Improvise Masks with All Kinds of Plastics to Protect Themselves from the Coronavirus [VIDEO]

The panic that the coronavirus has unleashed among the citizens of China has reached such an extent that the networks have been flooded with videos and photos of people using bottles, bags and all kinds of plastics in the absence of masks to protect themselves as it gives rise to deadly virus, which so far has claimed the lives of more than a hundred people.

On Twitter, YouTube and other social networks, Internet users share publications about the desperate measures people take to avoid getting the fearsome coronavirus.

An image, for example, shows a family – which includes a woman holding a baby – using plastic bags as improvised shields at an airport.

But this improvised protection is not only observed in China’s airports but also by its inhabitants abroad.

 In the Vancouver air terminal, a woman of Chinese nationality was seen with a plastic container on her head and, on a flight from Shanghai to Perth, a traveler from that country preferred to wear a motorcycle helmet.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, a family at a train station was photographed wearing plastic containers as a mask.

The fear is such that in the villages around Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, the locals have armed themselves to prevent the latter from entering their territory.

That is why the fearful inhabitants have erected brick walls, bricked up doors and windows to isolate themselves from their Wuhan neighbors and destroyed roads to prevent anyone from leaving or entering beyond their border.

It is known that in some cities of China the mouth covers are running out and this only generates more fear among its population.

While there is no vaccine to counteract the coronavirus at the moment, health experts urge people to regularly wash their hands with soap and water, as well as avoid sharing food, drinks and utensils. This virus spreads through the particles we expel when we cough or sneeze and it takes between 1 to 14 days to incubate in the body.

The majority of cases of coronavirus – resulting in reactions such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, pneumonia and muscle pain – in China were recorded in Hubei province, specifically in Wuhan, a city of 11 million inhabitants.

It is believed that this mutation of outbreaks spread to humans due to live animals and illegal wildlife that were sold in one of their markets.


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Source: Elcomercio


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