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Colón Made its Facilities Available to Deal with the Coronavirus

With the mandatory quarantine already declared hours ago, Argentina is preparing to face the coronavirus pandemic that plagues the planet.

Like many clubs in the rest of the country, this Saturday Colón reported that he is willing to hand over part of his building structure to health agencies to alleviate this virus that causes thousands of deaths per day in the world.

Through social networks, Sabalero announced that it follows the line of Independiente, Unión, Newell’s, Rosario Central, San Lorenzo, among other institutions by making its facilities available to the Ministry of Health, both provincial and national, in case of emergency.

In this way, Colón and other Argentine clubs show that they do not look to the side and accept their role as social institutions with a spirit of service for their community.

This Friday, the president of Tatengue himself confirmed in Aire de Santa Fe 91.1 that they made this same decision that they made known from Sabalero.

“48 hours ago we had made a consultation about it and we believe that given the position of AFA, the entities and people who have the most possibilities can contribute to save this situation,” said Luis Spahn.

“The important thing is that the province has elements in case the situation is much more serious than it seems,” added the top man from Tatengue.

“We have more than 70 beds available between the two properties and the alternative of having kitchen equipment for the internees, even if that situation should arise,” explained the President of the Union on how everyone is needed to combat this pandemic of coronavirus.




Source: Airedesantafe

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