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Couple Finds Safe in the Backyard of Their New House and are Speechless When They Open it [VIDEO]

Astonishment and happiness are the feelings that seized this man in the United States when he found a safe among the bushes of his new house making him satisfy the desire that many people have since childhood, locating a treasure.

However, the end of this story with everything this man found inside her will leave you surprised.

Matthew Emanuel and Mari Colonna moved to a new home in Staten Island, New York, when they found this rusty box in the bushes.

However, it was not a momentary discovery, since the foliage that covered it did not make its visualization from an easy beginning that was progressive thanks to the deer that gradually ate the plants.

Although the box was becoming more and more noticeable, the couple still thought it was a probable electrical system so they downplayed it, until one day they redesigned the backyard and the person in charge of the work told them about the impressive find which for many seemed to be a hidden treasure.

“As a child you dream that you will find a buried treasure and it happened. It was incredible. The idea of ​​finding buried treasures has become films, books and imaginary adventures for all generations,” Emanuel told the CBS channel in New York, whose YouTube video became a viral hit.

However, the suspicion for what the box would contain made this fortuitous event more special. “Hundreds and jewels, diamonds, engagement rings, dozens of rings, gold with jade. It was impressive,” says Emanuel.

The safe was valued at more than 50 thousand dollars between jewels and money that was damaged, wet and torn. However, what most caught the couple’s attention was a paper that contained an address.

This address was a home within their own neighborhood, so they went to ask if they had ever lost anything of great value or if they were assaulted, to which they answered yes.

The New York Police Department confirmed the neighbors’ claim with a 2011 police report of a robbery at their neighbor’s address. The police report included the recognition that, according to reports, a safe was stolen that had an estimated value of $52,000.

The Emanuel had officially found the owners of their hidden treasure and Matthew noted that one of the owners of the safe “was shaking” when they returned the belongings.

The Emanuel have placed an elephant sculpture in the exact place where the safe had been hidden in their backyard for years.


Watch the video below:


Source: Elcomercio

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