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Croatian Footballer Kills a Chicken with a Kick and Throws it out of the Field [VIDEO]

A second division football game in Sisak-Moslavina (Croatia) last weekend proved fatal for a chicken that entered the field together with a group of poultry from an nearby chicken coop.

As a video of the event shows, Iván Gazdek, player of the NK Jelengrad, was enraged by the invasion and chased the birds to expel them from the field, before killing a deadly kick in the head of one of them.

In the images it can be seen that the chicken fell dead before leaving the pitch, so Gazdek proceeded to take it from the feathers and throw it off the field over a fence that separated it from the property.

The 23-year-old was preparing to return to the game but, to his surprise, the referee was waiting for him with a direct red card “for unsportsmanlike conduct”.

“Believe me, it was not intentional […] I balanced my foot and killed it by accident,” Gazdek explained to 24 Sata.

Despite the expulsion, Gazdek’s team ended up beating the opponent, NK Jasenovac, 8 to 1.

As it turned out, the player apologized to the owner of the hen and bought another one as compensation, but a local animal NGO said he will press charges for the “criminal act of killing or torturing animals.”

See the video down below:


Source: ActualidadRT

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