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Cyclist Reveals Unpublished Video of the Plane Crash Where Kobe Bryant Passed Away

The American cyclist Michael Dyer revealed an unpublished video of the California plane crash that caused the death of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others in late January persons.

Dyer was accompanied by his friend Sam Gaglani in Calabasas, a luxurious town northwest of Los Angeles, at the exact moment when the helicopter – a Sikorski S-76 of 1991 – crashed. Both witnessed the outcome of the incident.

“We hear a helicopter right above our heads. It was about 9:40 a.m. The helicopter was going very fast and flying very low, because it was very loud. I had never seen a helicopter fly over a fog bank like that, ”he explained.

After the impact, he says, a loud noise was heard. Therefore, they decided to investigate and found in the area of ​​the accident, the fuselage of the helicopter still on fire and the debris scattered throughout the land.

“Sam, who was a few hundred meters in front of me, shouted: ‘ Did you hear that?’ I looked up and suddenly I saw smoke and fire. I thought we were wrong and we were near the highway (…) or a forest fire. ”

“We went around the corner and saw a total devastation. When we approached, Sam started pointing and saying: ‘It was the helicopter! It was the helicopter! ”

“You could see parts of the helicopter everywhere. It is unthinkable how something as big as a helicopter could end up in so many small pieces. The papers kept flying. There was a part of the tail right on the road and the fuselage of the helicopter was on the other side of the burning path. ”

According to Dyer, seeing such a scene – where there were also other cyclists – they started screaming to see if anyone was alive, but they received no response.

“We shout: ‘Is anyone alive?’ And they said they didn’t believe it. We approach and begin to see things too horrible to tell. The smoke blew in our direction and you had to put your shirt over your mouth to breathe. The smell of burned fuel was something I had never experienced and will never forget.”

The rescue helicopter arrived five minutes after the warning. “We had no idea how many people were on board. When the rescue helicopter arrived, we indicated that we did not find anyone alive,” he said.


Watch the video down below:


Source: Asere

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