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Dani Alves’ Daring Reaction to Being Called a Veteran by Telemundo Deportes

Dani Alves remains at a spectacular level at 36, being a benchmark for Sao Paulo in his return to football in his country after a rich experience in Europe, however, he prefers not to be labeled because of his age.

The Brazilian winger is very active on social networks and in these times of quarantine, with no professional obligations to fulfill, he is more attentive than ever to the comments that involve him.

The Sao Paulo player is silent nothing more when they say something about him that he does not like, something that has been demonstrated in recent days.

Through Twitter, ‘Telemundo’ called Dani Alves “veteran” when reporting his criticism to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who referred to the coronavirus as a simple flu.

The response of the former Barcelona player was not long in coming by the same route and was more than daring.

Alves quoted the tweet from the Mexican media and answered the following: “Veterano tu prima”, accompanying the message with an emoji that realizes that he took it with humor after all.

Dani Alves questioned Jair Bolsonaro after assuring that there is no reason to isolate the population despite the fatalities that the coronavirus is leaving in Brazil.

The current figure from Sao Paulo resorted to his Instagram account to raise his voice of protest at Bolsonaro’s passivity for controlling the spread of the coronavirus, which so far has left 2,201 infected and 48 dead in Brazil.

“Mr. President, I highly respect your presidency, but there are many families and many people working to combat this pandemic and you, as the most important person in the country, should also appreciate the good of our country and of our people,” said Alves.




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