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Ebola virus’ relative deadly Marburg located in the West African bats

Deadly Ebola cousin Marburg found in West African bats

A deadly relative of the Ebola Virus has been located for the very first time. The Marburg Virus was found in the bats found in West Africa mentioned the U.S. based researchers on Thursday.

This recent discovery means that Marburg is now a threat for the people in the West Africa. This is also where the Ebola epidemic infected about 28,000 people while killing close to 11,000 between the year 2014 and 2016. This region comes with a series of pathways and roads that allow the residents to travel across the border to cities and towns. This makes the spread of infectious outbreak an easier act. Usually the outbreak of Marburg and Ebola are based in the isolated sections of the country with fewer chances to spread.

The recent discovery of the fact that the Marburg is present inside the bats located in Sierra Leone will surely help the officials rapidly prepare for any potential outbreak. Depending on its strain and medical help available, both Ebola and Marburg can be terrifying and deadly. They can lead to hemorrhagic fever which induces external as well as internal bleeding. Other symptoms of these viruses include vomiting and severe diarrhea that finally leads to shock induced death.

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