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Did the Simpsons Predict the Coronavirus? [VIDEO]

In recent days, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus throughout the world thousands of false news about the disease have also come to light and among these is that of Chapter 21 of Season 4 of The Simpsons that allegedly would have predicted the infection.

The chapter is named ‘Marge in Chains’ and such a situation that we see in the images and memes of Facebook and YouTube about the Simpsons and the Coronvirus, is not necessarily real and we will show you below.

The episode begins with Homer watching a program called ‘I can not believe they invented it’ and here you see an orange juice extractor that worked by taking a drop of a whole package of this fruit (ironically, they only took out the juice by squeezing it to the front), so he decides to order one by phone.

Here we see the true image, where the news anchor announces the 'Osaka flu' but not the Coronavirus.

Then we go to Osaka, Japan, where two workers are assembling the boxes to send them around the world and one of them sneezes, to which when the devices arrive in the United States and are subsequently opened, the virus begins to spread all over the place.

Faced with such a situation, an image emerged in which we see the news anchor with the image of the Coronavirus on the back although this image is completely false. The real one shows us that it is the ‘Osaka flu’ and has nothing to do with the current disease.


Watch the video clip from the episode below:


Source: Elcomercio

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