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Doctors Extract TWENTY Spoons and Other Objects from a Young Man’s Stomach

In what appears to be a unique case in the world, a group of doctors in Egypt extracted a total of twenty spoons, four forks and other objects, including toothbrushes and some jewelry that were in the stomach of a young man of 20 years in Egypt.

Apparently, after spending several months with terrible stomach pains, the young man decided to go to the hospital of the University of Mansoura, where he was treated by the Gastroenterology Center team.

For six months, the young man had been losing in an untimely way, a fact that severely worried the mother of the affected, who after so long observing the pains of his son decided to do something about it.

The young man came to his office manifesting severe pain in the stomach, so the doctors immediately performed endoscopic and radiological examinations, after which foreign objects were identified in the patient’s stomach.

When performing an operation, the doctors were greatly surprised, because something truly unusual was happening in the surgery room: one by one, a total of twenty spoons, four forks, several toothbrushes and pieces of jewelry that were distributed were extracted in the intestines of the young.

Dr. Amjad Fouad, chief surgeon during the operation, said that the patient, who suffers from cerebral atrophy, arrived at the medical center suffering from intense abdominal pain.

Incredible as it may seem, the young man’s health status was reported as stable, although he will have to remain under observation since his intestines suffered damage caused by the metallic objects that lacerated his bowels.
“It is the first case in my life that I find something like that and I think it is the first case in the world because of the amount of utensils found,” said the doctor.
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