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Donkey Goes Viral by Behaving like a Dog

Tim is a young donkey that surprised everyone on social networks.

He grew up with his two dog brothers and now enjoys a stable and very happy life, but from a very young age he had a complicated life because he was born with little weight and his probability of survival was almost nil.

“When I found Tim in the stable, I thought he was a rabbit. It was so small. He must have been born with a weight between 20 and 30 kilos, but weighed less than 5. We discovered that his liver was not functioning properly. The vet didn’t even know if Tim was going to survive,” said Jody Toppin, the donkey’s adoptive mother.

Upon learning about Tim‘s delicate state, Jody decided to take him and take care of him at home.

Finally with much love and attention, the pet is now fully recovered and performing many pranks next to his brothers.

Watch the viral video on Facebook below:

Tim el burro rescatado que actúa como un perro

❤ Este pequeño burro rescatado llamado Tim es tan feliz con su familia, que se cree un perro. Es demasiado adorable. ❤🐎

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