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Dove Steals Poppies from a Soldiers Grave to Build a Beautiful Nest

It was October 1917 and World War I became increasingly raw.

One night, finally, there was one of the bloodiest clashes, the so-called Battle of Passchendaele in which, it is reported, more than 500 thousand soldiers on both sides died, that is, the Germans and the English.

In the midst of the entire conflict on October 12, 2017, a message of the utmost importance among the battalions of the English army was to be carried.

When the messenger was on his way, the German snipers saw him and shot him, seriously injuring him.

However, he continued until he reached his destination with a message that would save hundreds of soldiers in combat.

The highlight of the story is that the messenger was not a human soldier, but a dove (the so-called Dove 2709).

Perhaps this may sound absurd or somewhat exaggerated, but it was a carrier pigeon that, wounded in its legs, saved the lives of many people and then died as a hero.

In the Australian War Memorial, located in Canberra (capital of Australia), poppies from the grave of an “unknown soldier” (symbolic grave), had been disappearing one by one.

Some time later, when the caretakers of the place investigated what was happening, they discovered that a pretty dove was stealing the poppies to build their nest in a memorial stained glass window.

The images of the dove in its huge red nest, have become viral, especially since this November 11, the Day of Remembrance is celebrated, also known as the Day of the Poppy.

This celebration was given to remember all the English soldiers fallen in the First World War, but this has been going through several countries, also ceasing to be exclusive to the world conflict of the early twentieth century.

Also, poppies serve as a symbol for each of the soldiers who died in combat.

Some social media users think that the pigeon built its nest of poppies in honor of all the pigeons dropped during the First and Second World War.

Others believe that these birds are ideal for interior decoration while others gave a deeper reflection of what happens: union between men and animals, a symbol of service, loyalty and sacrifice.



Source: Sopitas

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