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Dybala: “I told Cristiano that in Argentina we kind of hate him”

It is the eternal fight that the world of soccer has today. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo are constantly placed in front of each other to compare, praise or criticize them and choose one as the best of all.

This reached such a point that the Argentines themselves look askance at the Juventus striker, while the Portuguese always shoot at the Barcelona striker seeking to defend his compatriot.

Needless to say, that is no use. That the important thing is to enjoy both, two monsters that this sport gives us. But many do not understand it.

The one who got into the mud without problems talking about this subject was Paulo Dybala, who has been a CR7 teammate for a while in the Turin team.

In dialogue with AFA Play, through an interview that Juan Pablo Varsky carried out in a great way, the Cordovan first of all revealed his first feelings when meeting the star who came from Real Madrid, and confessed how all the prejudices that he could have about him were they broke up as the days passed, he got to know him more personally, until he became good friends.

“On a personal level, I was surprised for good because I did not know him. Even in the previous Champions League we had been left out against Real Madrid and there had been many crossings. But then we found something else. He is an excellent guy, very sociable and friendly inside and outside the locker room. Always ready to talk, to listen. That surprised me, being an important figure, they are not always like that. You see him as an enlarged guy, a planter…”,  counted the ’10’ of the Vecchia Signora and then took out to the light a talk they had.

“Once I sat down to talk to him, we were traveling. I said to him: ‘Look, I am sincere, we in Argentina hate you a little, because of your figure, your way of being, of walking, the truth that to me You were surprised because I find something else. ‘He laughed because he said:’ I know that’s the way it is, but I know how I am, I’m used to being criticized for that,” said the’ Jewel ‘to make the child cry with laughter. interviewer.

Then, more seriously, he told how he goes about his day after having tested positive for the coronavirus test, both he and his partner, singer Oriana Sabatini.

On that, he commented: “I feel good. Now I am much better. These days we had no symptoms, both Oriana and me. I had stronger symptoms, I got tired very quickly, I wanted to train and I was short of breath. That is when we realized that something was not working well. The tests the club gave us were positive and there we began to have more symptoms such as cough, we felt tired and we were very cold. But we did not despair, we were calm because the doctors told us that we were going be fine”. Recover soon, crack!



Source: Bolavip

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