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Ex-officers charged with slamming teenage students post video leak

Ex-officers charged with slamming teenage students post video leak

A recent video footage received by WAFB-TV, the CBS affiliate, shows a teenager from Louisiana being bashed to the floor by the police during school altercation. As of now, charges have been filed against two of the officers.

West Baton Rouge Parish’s grand jury indicted Dan Cipriano, the former police officer at Brusly. The officer has been indicted under charges of misdemeanor on Friday. Kip Dupre, another Ex-officer, was charged with office malfeasance.

Both the officers resigned after this video from the Brusly Middle School surfaced up in November showing one of the officers wrestling with the teenager before slamming the 14-year-old hard on the ground. The video further shows another officer coming in to aid him. Together, they handcuff the teenager and slam him on the desk.

The State Police further investigated the case and produced the findings to the district attorney. The case was later presented to the grand jury. Kwame Asante, the student’s attorney mentioned that the victim’s family was initially glad to know that the jury found ample evidence for indicting the officers. However, the family also felt that these evidences actually warranted some stiffer charges. The grandmother of the teenager mentioned that this incident left bruises and cuts on his faces with chances for later psychological deterioration.

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