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Find out Which Companies Pay Their Employees for Traveling

Scientific evidence shows that taking longer vacations has a positive effect on employee well-being and productivity, and good vacation policies can help reduce health care costs, decrease turnover rates, increase commitment to the employees and more.

The objective of companies that is to combat corporate exhaustion, which was recently classified as a medical diagnosis by the World Health Organization (WHO). Here you can see which are the 17 companies that pay their workers for traveling:


The online hospitality market offers employees travel coupons worth two thousand dollars each year.


Employees working in this startup get paid vacations in one of the 16 amazing places around the world.

Afar Media

The travel media brand offers full-time employees, unlimited vacations and a stipend of two thousand dollars to encourage them to travel to new places.


The software company offers employees “paid vacations” for two thousand dollars a year.


During “Freedom February,” the e-commerce company physically relocates its office to a tropical location during the month and offers employees an additional bonus and personal days.

Clyde Group

The public relations firm runs a mandatory five-week sabbatical program with a stipend of five thousand dollars.


The company behind the note-taking application offers employees unlimited vacation days and an annual vacation stipend of a thousand dollars.


With its “paid vacation pay” policy, the technology company provides $ 7,500 per year for employees to travel and requires employees to disconnect.

Go abroad

The travel website offers its employees “paid paid vacations” with an additional five days of rest per year for a free trip in a volunteer, adventure or language program run by one of its partners, plus a 1,500 flight assignment Dollars.

Motley Fool

The business and investment site offers unlimited vacation time and runs a “Forand’s Errand” program in which one employee earns $ 1,500 per month for a two-week off-grid vacation.


The software company reimburses employees three thousand dollars a year for vacation expenses.


Employees receive six days of voluntary free time paid per year, as well as one thousand dollars to donate to a charity of their choice.


The online marketing and advertising company offers employees an annual holiday stipend of two thousand dollars.


The travel company grants up to $ 1,800 in travel credits to employees, as well as an international work exchange program.


The travel commerce site offers employees a stipend of $ 1,500 and three additional PTO days to reserve one of the company’s negotiated travel offers.


The time tracking and programming software company provides employees with a travel credit of $ 1,500 per year, but must be completely disconnected while away.


The technology company offers employees a five thousand dollar travel stipend to fund a dream trip when they celebrate their fifth anniversary at the company.



Source: Larepublica

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