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Fire Smoke Covers Sydney and Activates Alarms

A thick layer of smoke generated by forest fires recorded in New South Wales covered Sydney and its surroundings yesterday, while three other states in Australia face scorching temperatures.

The authorities considered air quality in northwestern Sydney dangerous and warned that visibility is extremely low.

They also asked residents to “remain vigilant” in the face of the possibility of “serious dangers” from fires, as temperatures exceeded 30 degrees and gusts of wind reached 65 kilometers per hour.

The closest fire to the city is the Gospers Mountain forest fire, which burned more than 138,000 hectares, including part of Wollemi National Park, about 100 kilometers northwest.

Likewise, some 1,400 firefighters were fighting fifty fires in New South Wales. “It’s fair to say that all these fires present a real challenge today,” said the head of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Shane Fitzsimmons.

Six people have died and 577 homes have been destroyed or burned by the flames in New South Wales since the fire season began in late October, a month earlier than normal.




Source: Excelsior

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