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Guillermo del Toro Speaks Against the Church

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The filmmaker rejects religion despite being raised under the influence of Catholicism.

Guillermo del Toro is a character that you simply cannot detest, and in case of doing so he is someone you cannot ignore, there will always be something about him that calls your attention and makes him worthy of praise or disdain.

Without a doubt, the Mexican filmmaker has done an excellent job climbing the mountain of Hollywood; At first several of his films were not recognized for being spoken in Spanish, a serious problem for Americans who occasionally do not accept that better cinema is made outside their country.

Fortunately, the director from Guadalajara has learned to master the rules of the game and now his opinion is law in all areas.

Recently he has visited Guadalajara, his hometown, to offer the last guided tours of his spectacular exhibition “At Home With My Monsters”; during an interview with Publimeter, Guillermo addressed the issue of the church and has put it in check, in addition, he commented on the influence he has had on his person.

In Mexico, most of its inhabitants grow under the yoke of the Catholic church, religion brought to this land at the time of the Conquest. Guillermo del Toro’s family was not the exception and during his childhood he was subjected to Catholicism like many millions.

But sooner or later there comes a time in life in which you have to start thinking for yourself; Guillermo moved away from the religion of his family and began to surrender in the cinematographic arts, a type of religiosity that absorbed him completely and that now has him placed on the golden top.

For Publimeter, Guillermo del Toro addressed the issue of benign and malignant structures so present in human life. His ideology rejects religion and considers that his machinations are something frightening that damage life itself.

“For me, what exists is the way in which we interact at the interpersonal level, which is the everyday, work and socialized, whether good or bad; Then come the benign structures, the one that is like that is the family, the ones that follow for me are terrible and frightening: church, government and militarism. […] The church that I had to see very closely responds to where much of my darkness comes from.”

Although Guillermo del Toro is a detached man from Catholicism, his words allow us to see that religion has played a fundamental role in his development as a person and that, in some way or another, they have consolidated certain parts of his identity.

It is not the first time Guillermo del Toro exposes his ideas regarding religion. A few years ago he talked about the topic for Big Think:

“I am semi-agnostic. I think there are so many things that are completely unknown that it is better to abandon oneself to the wisdom of the universe or its indifference. I have built my own kind of personal religion … that doesn’t depend on a man in heaven that I pray to, but it does depend on trying to be the best possible person. […] For me, art and narration fulfill primary and spiritual functions in my daily life.”

Very soon, Guillermo del Toro will return to hard work with his next film: Pinocchio, an adaptation he always dreamed of. The intense shooting of the tape will take place during the first months of 2020, then we will have to wait a bit until we have on the table all the succulent details about what awaits us on the screen.

Pinocchio will be released on the Netflix platform but there is still no date on its arrival.

We hope that the triumphs of Guillermo del Toro in Hollywood and around the world continue to prevail and that his old and recent films manage to reach homes in every corner of the planet.

An artist of his level is a must for everyone, both to see and to spread. What luck that was born in Mexico!


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