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Huge Tree that Teleports on Inside of a Car Shocks Internet Users [VIDEO]

The teleportation cases that have been taken as officers throughout history are very few, so the appearance of a huge tree on a car shocked Internet users, who do not explain how it got there, according to the Esoteric World portal and Paranormal.

Although this phenomenon goes against the laws of physics, some experts on the subject say could itself be possible.

There are some cases like that of Simone LaVille, a French woman who was swimming in the English Channel in 1926 and disappeared before the stunned crew that accompanied her, composed of almost twenty men.

Three hours later Simone appeared in a farmer’s pond, located 27 kilometers from where he was.

Another teleportation story is that of a Filipino civil guard who served the governor in Manila in the 16th century and woke up one day in the palace of Mexico City.

The Mexican authorities began to investigate and he was not released until two Asian officials came to his rescue, confirming his story.

Now a video circulating on social networks shows how a tree penetrated the roof of a white car that was parked in the city of Nantes, in the region of Great Britain, west of France.

The witnesses began to record this fact that impacted them and when it went viral, the users assured that it was a phenomenon of teleportation, because something similar had happened in Washington.

On Facebook there is a version that got millions of likes that talks about a man who parked his car in the parking lot and when he finished his workday he got an unpleasant surprise when he saw the tree on top of his car.

However, the most skeptical Internet users said that it is a work of art created by Royal de Luxe, a French street theater company that uses giant puppets in their assemblies, because in their social networks they published an image that has to do with the video, which they accompanied with the following text:

“At this time of the season Mémé Rodéo orders cars a bit anywhere. She plants a seed on the sidewalk before parking it. And the next day, a tree broke through. She laughs, she laughs…”

Watch the video down below:


Source: Lanetanoticias

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