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“I’d rather go to Syria than Mexico”, Says US Senator

Not only in our country the painful news of the murder of 3 women and 6 children of the LeBarón family rumbled on the border between Chihuahua and Sonora.

Since all the victims had US citizenship, the authorities of that country made many comments about local violence.

One of the most prominent US politicians compared Syria with Mexico.

“There are some parts of Mexico that would rather go to Syria than Mexico,” said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham“There are some places that are outlawed.” 

In the same half-chalased interview with the US media, the American politician called for Mexican cartels to be considered terrorists.

“I don’t know if these cartels are registered as terrorist organizations in our law, but after yesterday, they should be,” he said.

Taking advantage of the fact that political comments did not fail to get into the tragedy, let’s talk about another American senator.

Similar to his ally who compared Mexico with Syria, Senator Tom Cotton went to the jugular against the current administration.

Specifically, he pointed out the action and strategy to combat violence by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“It is clear that the Mexican government cannot control it,” said Cotton, who is also from the Republican Party.

“López Obrador came to the presidency saying that his strategy against cartels would be ‘hugs not bullets.’ That can only work in a children’s story.”

Surprisingly, Donald Trump turned out to speak one of his most measured statements this afternoon… although he remained faithful to his warlike style.

If Mexico needs or asks for help to fight these monsters, the United States is ready, willing and able to get involved and do the work quickly and effectively,”  said President Trump.

Moreover, not only did he not compare Mexico with Syria, but he threw flowers at the Mexican president and offered his help in this fight against organized crime.



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