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Japanese Hotel Offers Room for One Dollar a Night in Exchange for Broadcasting the Stay on YouTube

The lower the price, the more consumers will demand it: apparently, this is the principle that led the Japanese Business Ryokan Asahi hotel, in the coastal city of Fukuoka, to set a rate of one dollar (130 yen) per night to One of his rooms.

The offer is also available on Fridays and weekends, however, it has an important condition attached: the period of your stay will be broadcast on YouTube 24 hours a day.

The recording is made with the full consent of the customers, and hotel employees warn in advance to guests that they should not undress in front of the camera or do anything indecent.

Otherwise, your channel may be blocked for violation of video platform policies.

For the same reason, the broadcast is done without sound: the website strictly controls the respect of copyright and can sanction the owner of a channel if in his video he uses content whose copyrights belong to another person, especially music.

A reporter from the local portal Sora News 24 visited the site and booked the strange room number 8 for one night. This consists of a small room decorated in Japanese style with tatami, a folding mattress, a table, a television and a laptop with a webcam through which the images are recorded.

The bathroom is common, is in the hallway and is not filmed.

The portal indicates that the re-transmission of the stay of his employee was frequently interrupted due to the malfunction of the webcam.

After commenting on the defect to the hotel administration, it promised to update it to a more reliable model in the near future.




Source: ActualidadRT

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