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“João Félix Needs no Comments”

João Félix jumped into the spotlight at a time when Jonas was already very intermittent at Benfica, due to physical problems.

Even so, the former striker takes full admiration for the youngster, meanwhile transferred to Atlético Madrid for 120 million euros.

“I had very good partnerships. In the first year with Lima, then with Mitroglou, Raúl Jiménez, Seferovic, João Félix, who needs no comment. I had many companions who helped me a lot”, began to remind Jonas, in statements made to Channel 11.

“I had remarkable moments with João Félix. Since I went up to the professional that I treated with all the affection, because we knew his potential. In training you could see his difference, he just needed time and to start at the right time. Its quality would always stand out. I wasn’t surprised at all about his route,” he said.





Source: Abola

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