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Jorge Broun’s New “Super Champ” Tattoo

The gymnastics and fencing archer of La Plata surprised on social networks with a truly unpublished tattoo. His hand leads to Benji Price himself! Yes, Captain Tsubasa’s super archer.

Jorge Broun is the goalkeeper of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata. It is the goalkeeper in whom Diego Maradona placed his trust to try to save the ‘Wolf’ from relegation.

Although salvation came in unconventional ways, the achievement is complete and now he enjoys the peace of mind of staying in the First Division.

It is for this reason that the goalkeeper of the La Plata team showed himself in a relaxed way on social networks to exhibit his new tattoo.

Far from submitting to drawings that are usually known within the world of sports, Broun chose that his hand be the same as that of one of the children’s referents: the goalkeeper Benji Price.

Yes, the figure of the Super Champ (or Captain Tsubasa) shares the right arm of ‘Fatura‘.

You can see Price’s face and how his arm extends in combination with the real hand of the gymnastic goalkeeper. The ‘Wolf’ is saved and now also has the custody of a super archer!


See the Twitter post below:


Source: 90min

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