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Juventus Contemplates 3 Options for the ‘Imminent Departure’ of Cristiano Ronaldo

The coronavirus crossed the line and is forcing Juventus to do something that no one imagined.

The economic blow will be so hard for the ‘Vecchia Signora’ that keeping Cristiano Ronaldo in their ranks is no longer an option, so there are 3 alternatives for his imminent departure from this team and yes, in Madrid they are happy about this fact.

First of all, it must be remembered that Juventus has no longer generated income for a couple of weeks, a fact that has fractured its finances and taking into account that Cristiano is the best paid in the club, with 31 million euros a year, having it on the template is no longer viable.

Now, according to the Italian newspaper ‘Il Messaggero’ and rescued by Marca, the Juventus painfully already has on the table 3 options to give rise to his departure is that although they want to have one of the best players in the world until decide to withdraw, it will not be possible.

For better or for worse, these are the 3 alternatives that are handled.

1. Direct sale at a low cost

The coronavirus and the economic crisis that exists within European clubs, would be forcing Juventus to sell Cristiano Ronaldo in this summer market, in a couple of months and that is that although his contract ends in June 2022, they cannot keep it.

The sale price of Cristiano Ronaldo would be 70 million euros, much cheaper than other footballers in Europe and ‘nothing’ compared to the 105 that paid Real Madrid, so if this were the case, his departure would be a fact.

2. Wait for him to be a free agent

As we already said, Cristiano Ronaldo ends his contract until June 2022, so Juventus would be thinking of holding on until that date is met and leaving CR7 free, without obtaining any additional profit to what was paid in 2018 to Real Madrid.

3. Convince him to renew but earn less

With the need to keep one of the best soccer players in the world on the team, Juventus would offer Cristiano the option to renew with them but only for one more year, until 2023, hoping that he will accept a salary reduction, which is not sure and that I could shore him off despite the attempt.

Waiting to sell it in 2021 in the same way could be an option, they could perhaps ask for a little more for it but at the moment it is not the primary option.






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