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Kitten Walks Again Thanks to 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs [VIDEO]

A couple of years ago, a kitten named Dymka was rescued from the icy winter of Novosibirsk, Russia.

The little kitty was abandoned and about to lose her life because of the low temperatures.

Sadly, the veterinarians who found her had to amputate her four legs to ensure she was still alive. The excellent news, and what restores our faith in humanity, is what follows.

A year later, and recovered one hundred percent, some animal specialists, gave him four prostheses made in 3D printer so he could play and run once more at pleasure.

With all the care and professionalism in the world, Dymka received care for several months to corroborate whether the material could adapt to her body.

After a long and hard recovery, at the end of last year, a woman who fell in love with her adopted her.

Now, Dymka enjoys a life full of love and affection, although she continues to get used to her strange walk. Here we are sure that it is a matter of time for you to be able to skip once more.

Dymka’s case is one more example that the true purpose of technology is to create and do things to help or save others. It is the only way we can live in peace.

Watch the video showing her prostheses below:


Source: Sopitas

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