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Lynx Refuses to Perform Acrobatics and Attacks his Tamer in Circus Show [VIDEO]

A very intense and scary moment during the performance of a circus in Tsjinval, capital of South Ossetia, when the lynx that starred in an act attacked its tamer in the middle of the show.

The scene was recorded on video and published on YouTube, where it became viral.

As you can see in the video below, the animal refused to perform the stunts, but the trainer insisted and pulled the mammal’s leash. After struggling for a few seconds, the leash of the lynx was detached.

After being scared, he pounced on the man, generating panic among the visitors.

The clip shows us that both the tamer and the animal were left unharmed after the fact; However, some users did not hesitate to give their honest opinion, stating that it is necessary to ban such presentations.

“We must ban by law circuses with wild animals. When will they finish torturing the animals?” wrote an Internet user.

“Poor animals suffer from cruelty and violence. They deprive them of freedom and tend to feed them poorly,” commented another.


Watch the video below to see the shocking event unfold:


Source:  Elcomercio

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