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Man Interrupts Play and Stabs 4 Actors on Stage

During the attack, at least four people were injured.

A person entered the stage interrupting a work of theater and attacked with a sharp object actors who were on the scene in a park in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, the report said the police premises.

The Saudi Red Crescent received an alert notice about a stabbing in King Abdulá Park, in the Al Malaz region, in Saudi Arabia.

And immediately nine ambulances arrived at the site, the organization’s spokesman, Yaser al Yalayel, said in a report

The four people who were injured in the attack, who still do not specify nationality. They were taken to Mohamed bin Abdelaziz Hospital to receive care and determine the status of the injuries due to the cuts they received.

Police officers captured the subject, who comes from an Arab country, which carried the knife used in the aggression against the actors, said the state television channel Al Ijbariya.

They also reported that the injured belong to the theatrical cast and the health condition is stable.

In Saudi Arabia, it is common to see attacks with missiles, drones at airports, refineries and various checkpoints by Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen. Riyadh leads a military alliance against this movement and supports the government.

There have also been minor attacks in places of large Shia population against the followers of that religious community or against law enforcement. However, attacks like this are very rare in Saudi Arabia.



Source: Larepublica

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