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Maurice The Rooster Accused In Court Of Noise Nuisance

Maurice The Rooster Accused In Court Of Noise Nuisance

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The rooster Maurice, vilified by neighbours on a tourist island in the south-west of France for his songs too early, was accused Thursday in court of being a “noise nuisance.”

Maurice, tired, was not at the hearing, just like the retired couple who accused him of being noisy and made the rooster a symbol of rurality and a world star, quoted in the New York Times.

But “Pompadour” and “Jean-René”, a small chicken and a huge giant cock of Brahma, had come in silent support of the owner of the gallinace charged, Corinne Fesseau, present at the hearing.

The rooster subject of the dispute lives in Saint-Pierre d’Oléron, where his “cocoricos” at dawn annoy the owners of a neighbouring second home.

For Vincent Huberdeau, who defends the plaintiffs, the trial “is not that of the city against the campaign. It is a problem of noise nuisance. The rooster, the dog, the horn, the music, it’s the noise file. “

“Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron is the big town on the island of Oléron with nearly 7,000 inhabitants in winter and 35,000 in summer,” he said, “my customers live in a classified suburban area at Local Urban Plan. It’s not the campaign! “

Before repeating that this case did not belong to the “conflict between citizens bobos and rural”. “My customers do not blame the rooster for singing, my clients try to be quiet in the morning between 6.30am and 8.30am”.

“I am stunned,” replied Julien Papineau, who defends the owner and his rooster in an ironic tone: “I am not sure that the plaintiffs said to themselves” we will buy a house in the city on the island of Oléron “!”

“We can move the chicken coop. But that means that instead, there will be Jacky’s fishing records, Corinne Fesseau’s husband, “he continued,” but will the neighbors bear the smell … “.

Before concluding: “The chicken coops have always existed. Out of 40 neighbors, there are only two that annoys.

For the owner of Mauritius, “now it is necessary that the cause be heard, the campaign is entitled to its noises. The roosters have the right to sing, the roosters do not sing from 4:30 in the morning to the indefinite.

“My cock, it does not bother me, it sings I tell myself that it is very good and long live nature!” Mrs. Fesseau launched.

A dozen people had come to support Maurice, including a family from Costa Rica on vacation with friends in the area, who waved small signs “Our roosters island, it holds”.

Maurice The Rooster Accused In Court Of Noise Nuisance

The breeder Aurélia Schaan-Vozel, who had brought “Pompadour” and “Jean-René”, said for her part: “We are here because we are afraid that this judgment is a precedent”.

Since the beginning of the case, two petitions of support have been signed by nearly 155,000 people.

The story provoked many reactions, including that of Bruno Dionis du Sejour, mayor of Gajac, a town of 400 inhabitants of the south-west, who wants to classify the sounds of the countryside to the “national heritage” French.

The judgment was reserved for the 5th of September.


Source: Le Sac De Chips 


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