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Mendoza Talks About Hurricane Accident in Venezuela: “I receive more greetings on the anniversary than on my birthday”

– Have you assumed that there will always be talk of the accident?

– The accident was important to me. For me everything is always better. I love living it this way. Many people write to me on each anniversary of the accident and send me very nice messages. I receive more greetings on that day than on my birthday and the people of Hurricane in particular wish me to always do well.

– Toranzo said these days that he wants to retire in Hurricane and is waiting. You spoke with him?

– I spoke to the Duck, but nonsense, ha. When it was the accident, I remember being in Venezuela and he said that they screwed up his degree and that he wanted to finish it in Hurricane. At the time, I was thinking about it. I know that the most beautiful thing for him would be to fulfill it.

– Was it difficult for you while playing in Hurricane to coexist with the subject of the trial?

– There was a lot of talk and I remember that when I was in Huracan I saw things that some journalists said who later greeted me … They did not have the information nor did they know what was happening or what was being discussed with the club. I had no idea of ​​legal issues, let alone they would know.

I remember that the first year was all the time about the trial of Toranzo and Mendoza … and we spent four years in the club. One day they said one thing, another day another. They are legal things, how can I go out and speak? It’s like I talk about medicine.

– And in what state is the case?

– I’m waiting. Nothing was ever resolved unless Hurricane, Conmebol or AFA had reported it.

Yes, personally, I think it could be solved, but I keep it to myself. But none of all those bullshit they said because if it had been like that I was not only outside of Hurricane, I was in my house directly. I was never affected by the things that were said and I never had problems with anyone. If it had not been so, I would not receive so many messages of affection.

More than yields it was because I said things as they are. I have been bitten by fans for things that were lies and I was leaving the stadium to talk to them. I always went to talk things over even with the leaders when I had any doubts when seeing any news.

I always wanted to be Hurricane 9, to score more goals than Wanchope and to be sold to Real Madrid, but when I didn’t give up I asked what they wanted me to do. .. I always made myself available with the trial and the accident. I went head-on with leaders, teammates and coaches.

That is why I did not fight with anyone and technicians who did not put me have called me to take me elsewhere.

– Would you like to go back and be directed by Damonte?

– Of course. I spoke with Isra, I always charged him that he had to be a technician. On the court, he gave me the opportunity to grow as a player and I always say that my first goal was the most important one I made and it was thanks to Damonte that he gave me the ball to kick a penalty kick against Argentinos Juniors and told me “you are 9, you have to score goals”.

Although when I scored the goal against Tigre, he yelled at me not to kick, ha … Later, at the celebration, he said he knew he was going to do it, ha. He likes difficult challenges and is a positive guy, this will do him very well.

– Going to football, what balance do you make of this passage through Ibiza in which your last games in Hurricane are repeated? It is peculiar that Gustavo Alfaro directed you on the Globe and there you have Pablo Alfaro… 

– Yes, many told me that the same thing happens to me as with Gustavo in Hurricane. I scored goals in a row, four in my first five games from the bench.

I converted seven in total, a good number for the few games I played as a starter. We have a strong team for the category, which generates many situations and plays very well.

This is a club with five years of life, but very tidy and with a good project. When the pandemic started, we came from beating the leading player’s derby and we were second, fighting for the promotion, but it is not known how it will continue.

– How do you live these days of isolation?

– It’s been almost a month and a half now I think, you waste your days … It’s difficult, but it’s the best. There are fewer infections here luckily.

The island was controlled very well because it lives on tourism. The good thing is that it is gradually decreasing and that is what we hope to return to normal.

I came alone and it is obviously strange, my family and friends were coming…I try to take it in a positive way.

– You commented in another note that some comrades highlighted how Argentina reacted preventively to fight COVID-19.

– I have colleagues who told me that it was good that quarantine had already been adopted in Argentina.

Here there was no awareness of what was happening in Italy. It happened to me that it’s not that I was only going to train… I saw it far away and I talked to the Tucu Joaquín Correa as well.

Although it seemed extreme at first in Argentina, luckily they gave it the seriousness that was due. Mariano Gómez is an Argentine colleague of mine and we also appreciated that for our families.

– Let’s say that late click did just when the coronavirus hit hard in Spain, you used it to warn your loved ones with an awareness video, could it be? 

– I have neighbors or colleagues who tell me what they live in Madrid or Barcelona and suffer from not being able to accompany their families or the cases of disconnections due to lack of respirators…and I saw that some friends in Argentina were joking about all that what happened or they kept getting together to eat barbecue.

Even my brother, who we are from Madariaga but moved to Mar del Plata, said to bring a few things to my mother who is a focus of risk for an illness she had and I told her that I did not have to see her.

Later, many thanked me because it served many. I have friends complicated with work and I know that many will feel all this, but losing their lives or a family member is much worse.





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