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Mess With The Bull You Get The Horns As Man Dies In Spain

Mess With The Bull You Get The Horns As Man Dies In Spain (VIDEO)

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A witness recorded the moment of the brutal attack of bull.

Bullfighting is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial events in the world, because there are people who say it is an art and others that it is a barbarity.

Recently, a terrible event occurred in Spain .

It turns out that a man, 60 years old, identified as Santiago Dominguez Rodriguez , died this Sunday in the bullring of Benavente after suffering a brutal goring at neck height.

According to information from local media, everything happened during a festival of trimmers on the afternoon of this Sunday.

The tragic event was presented when the first of the bulls participating in the contest was going to go out to the ring and when the door of the toriles opened, the operator did not notice that the animal turned around and charged at him.

Seeing this, emergency services attended to the man immediately, but they could not do anything to save his life .

The tragic event caused the suspension of cuts to be suspended, which, according to local authorities, had been attended by more than 2,000 people.

The doctors explained that the man died during the attack of the animal because when they tried to help him he no longer showed vital signs.

The town decreed two days of official mourning with flags up to half mast and black crepes on the facade of the City Council, governed by the mayor Luciano Huerga.

It is expected that next Thursday the repeal of the Contest of Courts will be repeated at 5:30 pm (local time), which was suspended due to the tragic death of Santiago Domínguez Rodríguez .

For its part, the Benaventena del Toro Enamorado Association, of which he was also a member, will pay homage to him in the plaza.

So far, the relatives of the victim have not issued any comment on the matter.

The situation caused the social media debate on bullfighting to open again, as animal rights organizations have demanded that the authorities punish those who dare to harm animals to the full extent of the law. 

For now, there has been no response.



Source: la neta noticias

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