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NBA Star Stephen Curry Breaks his Hand When a 118-Pound Opponent Falls on Him

The match played on Wednesday by the Golden State Warriors basketball team, which received rival Phoenix Suns at its Chase Center stadium in San Francisco (California, USA) for the regular NBA season was a cause of great frustration for the local team.

And is that the Warriors not only fell by 121 to 110, but also lost one of their stars – base Stephen Curry – for an indefinite period because of a serious injury.

The player, considered one of the best pitchers of all time, broke his left hand when he hit the center of the Suns, Aron Baynes.

As a result, Curry starred in a spectacular fall, while Baynes – 2.08 meters tall and 118 kilos in weight – also stumbled and landed with his entire body on the hand of the first.

Apparently, the lesion occurred in Curry’s second metacarpal bone, who underwent a CT scan to determine if surgery is required, details San Francisco Chronicle.

Although the results have not yet been announced, the average time to recover from this type of trauma varies between 5 and 8 weeks, although it may be longer if the player is operated.

Watch the moment unfold in the video down below:



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